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Pont De Tusset, VerdonPont de Tusset en automne dans le Verdon. Joli pont en pierre au dessus de la rivière du Verdon. Les couleurs contrastent fortement avec l'eau de la rivière
©Pont de Tusset en automne dans le Verdon, sur le sentier du Lézard |Matthieu Simoulin -Verdon Pictures
From the springs to the Gorges du Verdon
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From the highest peaks of the Alps and the Mercantour, to the emerald lakes and spectacular cliffs of the Verdon Gorges, via the fields of fine lavender of Haute-Provence, the chestnut and olive groves of the Nice hinterland, the southern accent sings here to the rhythm of the good life.

Protected by its sometimes tormented or abrupt setting, it reveals itself all along its string of villages and hamlets which adjoin sites as grandiose as they are exceptional… and the charm works!

Each place has a story to tell. They all bear witness to the respect of traditions, to the desire of these Provençal mountain people to pay tribute to the beauty that surrounds them.

The mountainous valleys of the Verdon, Vaïre, Var and Asse unfold their wide open spaces conducive to the most diverse activities. They are also conducive to the gentle way of life as well as to extreme sensations.

Here, the spirit of each person has a rendezvous with nature, the body with well-being…

Whichever entrance you use to visit us, your sunny journey will certainly lead to others.

For the time being, it has only just begun, as this destination is unlike any other.

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Vol en parapenteP1170671
©Vol en parapente|Aerogliss
EscaladeEscalade dans les Grès d'Annot, Alpes de Haute Provence
©Escalade dans les Grès d'Annot, Alpes de Haute Provence |Philippe Murtas Photographe
©VTTAE en montagne|Moustache Bikes
VAE route des crêtesVAE route des crêtes Gorges du Verdon
©VAE route des crêtes Gorges du Verdon |Philippe Murtas Photographe
saint-julien0652.jpgBaignade en famille dans le lac de Castillon
©Baignade en famille dans le lac de Castillon |Philippe Murtas Photographe
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