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Le Verdon

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From the highest peaks of the Alps and Mercantour to the emerald lakes and spectacular cliffs of the Verdon Gorge, from the fine lavender fields of Haute-Provence to the chestnut and olive groves of the Nice hinterland, the southern accent sings to the rhythm of good living.

Protected by its sometimes rugged or abrupt setting, it reveals itself all along its string of villages and hamlets that adjoin sites as grandiose as they are exceptional… and the charm works!

Each place has a story to tell. All testify to the respect for tradition and the determination of these Provencal mountain dwellers to pay tribute to the beauty that surrounds them.

The mountain valleys of the Verdon, Vaïre, Var and Asse offer wide-open spaces for a wide range of activities. Ideal for both gentle living and extreme sensations.

Here, your mind meets nature, your body meets well-being…

Whichever gateway you choose to visit us through, your sunny journey is sure to inspire others.

For now, it’s only just begun, as this destination is like no other.

Pleasure, sharing, discovery, sensations, trends and the unusual
will be the comfortable refrain of 2023!

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Carte intéractive de la régiond du verdon Annot SandstoneLake CastillonCastellane gateway to the Gorges du VerdonThe Gorges du VerdonDaluis gorgesCascade de la LanceLake Allos

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Browse our diaries to discover a plethora of events, exhibitions and activities in the magnificent Verdon region.

Whether you’re interested in Fête de la Musique, the fireworks lighting up the night sky, garage sales brimming with treasures, winter Christmas festivities, or intriguing evening visits to our iconic tourist sites, our diary offers a wide range of activities not to be missed in the Verdon.