Fêtes médiévales, Colmars-les-AlpesColmars Medieval Dsc6248
©Fêtes médiévales de Colmars-les-Alpes, Alpes de Haute Provence|Philippe Murtas Photographe

Medieval Festivals

Pilgrims and travelers, your quest into another century begins here. Pass the drawbridges, push the doors of our fortified enclosures, and welcome to the age of the troubadours!
Colmars and Entrevaux offer you an unforgettable epic in the heart of the Middle Ages for two summer weekends and in the wonderful setting of their citadels to be discovered to your heart content.

A great Charivari in the fortified city

The festivities go on as fast as the music notes!

Put on your best clothes and get ready to tap your hands to the sound of bagpipes, flutes, tambourines and other mysterious instruments that resonate in the walls. Enjoy the frenzied rounds, the concerts, the fire shows, the crazy king’s playlets to die for. Follow the sparkling and luminous parades of the costumed parades and the strolling of the stilt walkers who look like fantastic creatures straight out of fairy tales.


Did you know?

Enjoy free entertainment at the Colmars-les-Alpes medieval festivals.

Flavors, scents and know-how: the great medieval market

Stroll through the different craftspeople camps to discover the building techniques from the time of the builders or take part in the different demonstrations and workshops around the work of iron, leather, wood, chain mail and of course the stalls of the itinerant merchants presenting delicious food and original creations. Would you be interested in tasting a glass of hypocras? The spiced wine to please drink responsibly.

Do you want to come back?

A marvelous scenery where the visible heritage becomes more and more visible, it is an original way to discover our beautiful fortified cities with a festival of incredible encounters that will bring you many memories and the desire to come back for sure.