Alpine ambience

With its mountain resorts, high-altitude lakes and glacial cirques, the Verdon is an Alpine region.
The Mercantour National Park preserves a rare wealth and variety of flora and fauna.

Le lac du Mercantour en forme de cœur avec son eau turquoise
Le col de Lencombrette

Mercantour Park

The highest distinction for the protection of natural assets, the
Mercantour National Park
extends over 7 valleys in the “Mediterranean Alps”, making up a vast territory, the last promontory of the southern Alpine arc before plunging into the deep blue sea.

The Haut Verdon marks the eastern gateway to this temple of nature.

Au fil de l’hiver

In the heart of winter

Our mountain resorts have preserved their environment and authentic village spirit. Ideal for families looking for mountain and snow fun! Sumptuous landscapes between larches and snow-capped mountains.

Our mountain lakes

As we approach the high mountains, the horizon widens. A world of jagged cliffs, peaks both sharp and eroded, scree-covered valleys and meadows that Alexandra David Neel called “Himalayas for Lilliputians”. Numerous lakes, including
Lac d’Allos
nestle in the hollows of glacial basins.

La cascade de Lance

The Lance waterfall

The trail skirts the river with a beautiful view of the mountains before entering a forest fragrant with moss and lichen. Large sandstone boulders from the torrent dot the landscape. The entrance to the rocky cirque is impressive.

Alpine architecture

In the valley-bottom villages, the houses are tall, with sloping roofs sometimes covered with larch shingles. On the slopes, squat farmhouses stand side by side with chalets. Alpine housing is designed to withstand the rigors of the climate.

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