Colmars possède une enceinte médivale

Medieval atmosphere

With its medieval architectural heritage and medieval festivals, immerse yourself in the knightly atmosphere. Take a stroll through the old town centers and discover stalls, arched doorways and many other reminders of the Middle Ages.

A la découverte d'Annot
Annot, village médiéval

Discovering Annot

The ramparts, which are still partly visible, bear witness to the town’s medieval origins. Arched gateways, crowned by tall houses, encircle the city, a veritable labyrinth of lanes and covered passageways. An unexpected sensation when discovering this site steeped in history.

Entrevaux, village médiéval d’exception

Entrevaux, an exceptional medieval village

A medieval village dating back to the 12th century, with numerous medieval features such as stalls featuring merchandise racks on either side of the door, a communal oven reserved for the lords and narrow, multi-storey houses. Come and discover the many secrets lurking in the narrow streets…

In medieval times, the lords of Glandéves ruled the village.

Did you know?

The expression “tenir le haut du pavé” comes from medieval times, when cobbled streets were in the shape of a V. Sewage then flowed down the middle of the street. So we walked on top of the pavement, hence the expression, to avoid walking in the dirt.

Enceinte fortifiée de Colmas
Au cœur de Colmars-les-Alpes

In the heart of Colmars-les-Alpes

The 14th-century fortified enclosure has retained all its charm. Its defensive system has been optimized over the centuries. Pass through barbicans and gates and look up! The tall towers and houses will charm you.

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Medieval events

Colmars possède une enceinte médivale

Medieval atmosphere

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