Vallée du Val de Chalvagne

Val de Chalvagne

Castellet-Saint-Cassien, Montblanc, Villevieille and the hamlet of Le Champ now form the commune of Val-de-Chalvagne, named after the river that runs through it. A wild and secret valley to discover!

L'eglise de Castellet-Saint-Cassien


A striking 17th-century château once owned by the Lords of Glandèves.

All the decorations are in gypsum, including the central staircase and a monumental fireplace.

A pretty avenue of lime trees, a vast meadow and a boulodrome make an ideal place to spend a pleasant moment.

The town hall is located next to the church.

Chapelle antique Romaine

A peaceful moment in Villevielle

Small hamlet with pretty stone houses, surrounded by vast fields. In summer, many families come to spend their vacations here, and the square comes alive with the laughter of children and late-night pétanque games.

Time stands still as you climb towards the Saint-Nicolas chapel, with its panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and the
Entrevaux Citadel
at the bottom of the valley. Depart from the village square, allow 40 minutes for the round trip.

In ancient times, the Romans populated the Villevieille area and in the 12th century, a monastery existed, of which unfortunately no trace remains today.

Did you know?

Gypseries are interior decorations made of plaster or stucco.

Patrimoine religieux chapelle Montblanc
Hameau du Champ

Religious heritage

Three churches and two chapels are well preserved and fully restored .

Thechurch of Castellet-Saint-Cassien, dedicated to Sainte-Delphine, boasts magnificent stained glass windows and houses the reliquary bust of Saint-Laurent.

The Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary houses a 17th-century statue of the bishop Saint-Eloi.

3 good reasons to discover the valley

Meet real people – the inhabitants of this valley will be happy to tell you their stories.

Discover an architectural and religious heritage.

See landscapes that soothe you.

Further information

Town Hall

Contact Val-de-Chalvagne Town Hall


Picnic tables are available in Castellet-Saint-Cassien and Villevielle.


In Val de Chalvagne

The GR4 trail crosses the commune during the stage from Amirat to Entrevaux.

Preparing well

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