L'activité d'eau vive en canoë

Canoeing, kayaking…

It’s not just rafting, hiking and canyoning. There’s also canoeing, kayaking and air-boating, more technical activities with guaranteed thrills and adrenaline in Europe’s largest canyon!

Paddle the Verdon

Canoe-rafting, kayaking or air-boating down the river is done in an inflatable or rigid boat for one or two people. With the help of a paddle, you’ll be able to steer the boat on your own. The guide will accompany you in his own boat.

Between Lac de Castillon and the gorges, the Verdon is a tumultuous category 4 river, with numerous water releases, so whitewater activities can only be enjoyed with professional guidance.

Don’t hesitate to contact the many whitewater companies in our area to choose the activity that’s right for you.

On the lakes, canoeing, kayaking and air-boating can be enjoyed independently.