Le canyoning


Looking for a thrill? Canyoning is the ideal activity to challenge yourself and have fun while discovering the wonders of the destination. Dive into crystal-clear waters, jump 7 metres and slide down natural toboggans. Are you tempted?

A la découverte de lieux inexplorés

Discovering unexplored places!

More technical than its aquatic cousin, canyoning is a sensational activity that can be enjoyed without moderation. Ideal for groups, it allows you to dive in little-explored areas. Similar to rock climbing, it is suitable for all levels.

Technical data


Canyoning is an everyday activity.

Sectors and routes

Many canyons dot our territory! It’s up to you to choose the sector that’s right for you. The routes on offer are graded according to their level of difficulty: from easy to more challenging, ask the activity providers for details.

Info: full-day or half-day activities available. Groups are made up of a maximum of 8 people.

Minimum age

From age 6 or 8, depending on the whitewater company.


You must be able to swim. A guide accompanies and assures you during the activity.

Equipment supplied

Neoprene wetsuit, thermal socks, lifejacket, harness, waterproof rucksack and helmet.

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If canyoning appeals to you

Le canyoning, marche, nage, rappels, sauts

Don't be afraid to get wet!

This highly varied activity involves moving along a riverbed: walking, swimming, abseiling, jumping, tobogganing and sometimes even zip-lining, giving it an airy feel. These unique experiences offer a fine blend of exploration and thrills.

Sensations fortes, le canyoning est l'activité idéale
Descente du canyon

Every canyon has its own adventure!

More or less aquatic and vertical, our canyons present a great diversity. Our guides will help you find the canyon best suited to your needs!

Crystal-clear pools, secret slides and exotic scenery: this whitewater activity reveals nature’s hidden splendors.

3 good reasons to come out of season

Peace and quiet in the Canyon.

In May, June, September and October, tourist numbers are low, providing the perfect opportunity to discover famous sites that are usually overrun in July and August.

More water for exceptional dives!

In the Verdon’s off-season, higher water levels thanks to melting snow and regular rainfall provide ideal conditions for enjoying our canyons! Sports enthusiasts will be delighted!

Dream time!

The Verdon is one of France’s sunniest destinations, so off-season is the time to take advantage of ideal weather conditions. A beautiful day in the Canyon, under the sun. Ain’t life grand?

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