Explorez le Verdon secret en packraft


It’s not just rafting, hiking and canyoning. Looking for something new? Take the plunge! Discover unusual activities to dive into Europe’s largest canyon! Sensations and adrenalin guaranteed!

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Explore the secret Verdon!

in packraft

Packraft combines hiking and river kayaking. Ultra-light and space-saving, this inflatable kayak is easy to carry in a backpack. Accompanied by your guide, set off in search of the most secret corners of the Gorges du Verdon! For a day or 2, follow in the footsteps of pioneers Isodore Blanc and Edouard-Alfred Martel. Experience a micro-adventure in Europe’s largest canyon! Ready for a unique expedition in a grandiose setting?

Packraft technical data


On the Verdon, packraft is only used on days when water is released.

Sectors and routes

Contact the Secret River company in Castellane to find out about the different routes suited to your level of fitness and ability.

Minimum age requirement

For adult beginners and experienced kayakers, depending on the courses on offer. Packraft is not suitable for children. Contact Secret River for more information.


You must be able to swim. The guide is present with you during the activity.

Equipment supplied

Packraft, paddle, neoprene wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet.

Our advice

Follow the courses offered by the Secret River company to learn the basics of packraft or perfect your navigation and safety skills.

3 good reasons to come out of season

Alone with nature!

Would you like to enjoy the great outdoors and breathtaking landscapes in complete peace and quiet? Choose all months except July and August, when the Verdon Gorges are less crowded. These are the ideal times to set off on an adventure and recharge your batteries, alone in the face of nature.

More water for more thrills!

In the off-season, water releases in the Verdon are irregular but more substantial: 30 to 40 m³. The melting snow and steady rain provide ideal conditions for enjoying our canyons! Enjoy the thrills of your own boat!

Beautiful sunny days!

If the Verdon rhymes with escape, it’s one of France’s sunniest destinations. In May, June, September and October, enjoy sunny days in the gorges. A change of scenery guaranteed!


essentials for living water

Have you forgotten everything to be ready for D-Day?

Dare to experience new sensations

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Secret River aims to help you discover the most beautiful corners of the Verdon. Explore the magic of the Verdon canyon by packraft, an unusual activity not to be missed…

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