La randonnée aquatique  en groupe

Water walk

Looking for a family activity in paradise? Water trekking is the perfect choice! In the heart of the mythical Gorges du Verdon, float down the emerald-green river and explore areas inaccessible by boat. Great sensations await you. So, are you ready for adventure?

La randonnée aquatique
Randonnée aquatique avec guide

Swim in happiness!

Aqua-trekking is the best way to discover our natural wonders in a different way. Carried by the current, float in a reclining position to admire the scenery. Geology, fauna and flora will hold no secrets for you. Follow the guide!

Technical data


Water rambling is possible when there are no water releases in the Verdon river, or when flows are calm in other parts of the Var and haut-Verdon.

Sectors and routes

Our whitewater companies are located in a number of beautiful areas, offering a variety of routes. Contact them!

Minimum age

From 6 years old, ask at the whitewater companies.


You must be able to swim. A guide accompanies you during the activity.

Equipment supplied

Neoprene wetsuit, thermal socks, lifejacket and helmet.

Vue de l'intérieur des Gorges du Verdon

In the heart of the Grand Canyon

Walk, float, swim and, for the more adventurous, jump! The aqua-rando will take you to the most inaccessible parts of the Verdon canyon.

Staggering cliffs, azure skies, sparkling water. Open your eyes wide, you’re there!

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If you’re interested in water sports

La randonnée aquatique
Aqua-trekking dans les gorges du Verdon

Want to discover new landscapes?

There are other companies offering water trekking in other areas – contact them!


essentials for living water.

Have you forgotten everything to be ready for D-day?

3 good reasons to come out of season

Enjoy the wonders of nature in peace and quiet!

Out of season, nature awakens and fills you with wonder. In May, June, September and October, take the opportunity to discover all its secrets away from the hordes of visitors. Listen carefully to your guide’s advice on how to preserve this idyllic setting and its biodiversity.

Have fun without waiting!

In the Verdon’s off-season, you won’t be disturbed by the groups of visitors in front of you, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the jumps!

Nice weather!

If the Verdon rhymes with escape, it’s one of France’s sunniest destinations. In the off-season, you can enjoy some beautiful days! Sun, crystal-clear water, vultures in the sky: paradise on earth.

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