Baignades sauvages

Wild swimming in our rivers

The pleasure of cooling off will be as intense as that of discovering wild natural sites that often have to be earned. The clear waters of our Alpine streams and rivers make their way through exceptional green settings.

As long as you give them the respect they deserve, we’ll secretly tell you our favorite places!

Rivière du Verdon
Pont du Moulin

Splendid locations

In the Verdon

The Verdon, a mythical green river, is an invitation to swim on hot summer days. Its tributaries and the surrounding waterways of the Asse, Var, Vaïre and Issole valleys are not to be outdone. Because of their impetuous nature, numerous pools have formed. A truly refreshing experience in exceptional surroundings. Access to these bathing spots has to be earned, and sometimes it takes a bit of a journey to get there.

Please note: swimming is not permitted everywhere, especially downstream of the Verdon hydroelectric dams. The water releases that make it navigable are scheduled by EDF and deserve your full attention. Signs are posted on the banks to warn you of the risks.

Un endroit secret dans l’Issole

A secret spot in the Issole

Tributary of the Verdon located upstream from
the Issole is a river full of charm and mystery, in a valley where agriculture and forest are omnipresent. In summer its flow is low. The setting is quiet and peaceful. Surrounded by tall trees, it’s a small river perfect for playing in the water.

Nathalie advises you to go to the Mourefrey bridge. Ideal for splashing around with the whole family and spending a summer afternoon relaxing in the heart of nature.

Bonus tip: picnic tables and a shady parking lot are nearby.

Did you know?

Our rivers are mountain streams, and the water can rise quickly during a storm upstream.

La rivière sauvage de La Chalvagne
Baignades sauvages

From basins to cascades in the Chalvagne

In a more Mediterranean setting, the wild river of thehe Chalvagne, lined with large boulders, ends its course at the foot of the Entrevaux citadel. Deep and wide, magnificent natural pools line the route.. The water is so clear you can see the bottom. Its waterfalls are well worth the effort: accessible after a steep twenty-minute descent, and in some cases after a several-minute walk in the water. One of our most magical places, offering a complete change of scenery!

Marie’s tip: drive upto the village of Le Champ and turn around to park in the reinforcement just after the first hairpin bend under the village. The path to the waterfall starts here.

Cascade Vasque de la Lance Alpes de Haute Provence
Cascade de la Lance

... and in the Lance

the spectacular
de la Lance waterfall
is a must-see in the upper Verdon valley. Further upstream, they are less frequented as they can be reached via a dirt track and an approach walk,
the basins and other waterfalls
are as exceptional as they are grandiose! Larch trees are omnipresent in this very alpine world. The blossoms are a brilliant yellow!

It’s also possible to stay in this cinema setting by booking the Gîte Forestier de La Fruchière!

Hiking rivers

Many hikes are crossed by sumptuous rivers, and the coolness of the water makes it easy to take a well-deserved break and enjoy the scenery.

3 good reasons for river bathing

The water is cooler

The river water is cooler and more pleasant to swim in.

Transparent color

From green to turquoise blue, our rivers offer magnificent contrasts.

More peace and quiet

River spots are less crowded than lakes or pools, so you can spend a pleasant moment in complete tranquillity.

Further information


Swimming in the river is not supervised and is therefore at the user’s own risk. Some rivers are closed to swimming, so don’t hesitate to ask before you go.

Generally speaking, whatever riverbed you’re planning to use deserves the utmost attention. Upstream watersheds are often immense, and the smallest of our ravines can very quickly turn into a veritable cataract, especially during a storm. Find out about weather conditions before you go. You should also be aware that it is forbidden to build dams, however modest, on any watercourse.


Beware of snakes in the rivers. To move in the water, it’s best to wear shoes and be vigilant.


Fishing and aquatic environment protection associations do a remarkable job of ensuring the richness and biodiversity of even the smallest of our streams. Trout and other species of fish and invertebrates live and reproduce thanks to the respect we owe them.

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