Le lac de Castillon

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Lac de Castillon

Irresistible thanks to its turquoise waters, easily accessible thanks to its large, well-maintained and supervised beaches, Lac de Castillon is the ideal place to spend beautiful summer days. Swimming, sailing, boating and water-skiing can all be enjoyed at the foot of the Verdon mountains.

Plage du Plan
Plage du Plan, Lac de Castillon

The must-have

Plage du Plan in Saint-André

A major beach not to be missed, it unfurls its large lawns on which to fill up on vitamin D.

The area dedicated to supervised swimming is gently sloping. It’s very popular with children, and you’ll be happy to accompany them as they explore the floating water park. At last, soothing water from the highest peaks of the Mercantour will bring you all the freshness you’ve been dreaming of.

Nathalie’s tip: don’t jump off the rocky bars and bridges. The danger is real, because the funds are not very substantial! Avoid jumping off rocky bars and bridges, which can be very dangerous as the bottom is not that deep.

New: With the soft link from the village of Saint-André-les-Alpes, access the beach in complete safety and discover an interpretation trail.

Plage de la baie du Touron

The charming beach of Touron Bay

At the foot of the pretty little village of Saint-Julien-du-Verdon, the Touron bay is the ideal place to stop off at the water’s edge. The trees along the beach provide the shade you need for a refreshing siesta lulled by the lapping water. The immensity of the lake unfolds before your eyes. A great invitation to swim, unless you prefer to hire a boat or canoe to explore the wild shores and stop off at some of the more exotic coves.

Did you know?

Part of the lake is a military zone. This naval base carries out sonar and acoustic tests. It is forbidden to enter this area by swimming or using watercraft.

Nautisme sur le lac de Castillon
Lac de Castillon

The irresistible Cheiron Bay beach in Castellane

Its wide, landscaped, supervised beach offers an idyllic setting for waterside get-togethers. Sunbathing on the lawns or on a deckchair, swimming in waters worthy of the most faraway destinations – the choice is yours. We encourage you to take a pedal boat, canoe or paddle to discover and tour the small island just a stone’s throw away…it’s magical!

The lake's hidden spots

Don’t you want a landscaped beach?
We recommend you set up along the lake, as there are plenty of places to park along the road.

3 good reasons to come early

Make the most of it

To relax completely, enjoy the water and perfect your tan.

Enjoy the various activities

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy all day long.

Share a picnic

What could be better than a picnic by the water?

Further information


For people with reduced mobility, specially-designed pontoons are available at the various beaches.
On Le Plan beach, seahorse and tiralo.
On the Cheiron beach, a seahorse chair is available.
Un sourire pour vivre: +33 (0)6 82 82 02 91


Parking lots are located along the lake.

With my dog

Dogs are not allowed in supervised swimming areas, so if you want them to have a dip too, choose unsupervised areas.

Restaurants near Lac de Castillon

Preparing well

Your stay in the Verdon

Preparing well

Your stay in the Verdon

Technical dataCheiron BeachTouron beach in Saint Julien du Verdon

Technical data

Swimming in the lake is supervised on the beaches delimited by buoys.

From mid-June to mid-October.

Several free parking lots along the lake.

Cheiron Beach

Cheiron Beach

On the shores of Lac de Castillon, an aquatic area marked out by buoys and supervised in July and August.

Le Cheiron
04120 Castellane-en

Touron beach in Saint Julien du Verdon

Touron beach in Saint Julien du Verdon

The Touron beach in Saint Julien du Verdon is 100m from the village center.

Le Village
04170 Saint-Julien-du-Verdon-en