Castellane porte des Gorges du Verdon

Villages of character

They bear witness to an eventful past as a frontier town or a small, prosperous city. To discover these villages with their strong character, you’ll need to be in a wandering mood, as there’s always a surprise around every corner.

Place des glacis et clocher de Colmars-les-Alpes
Entrevaux, village médiéval d’exception

4 of our towns awarded the label

Villages and towns of character


City of sandstone!

Annot spreads out its houses at the foot of the natural sandstone site and its cliffs. Cultivated terraces and rock shelters mixed with boulders invite you to take a stroll. Hiking or climbing enthusiasts, your playground is just down the road. As for gourmets, our specialities will awaken your taste buds.


Gateway to the Gorges du Verdon!

At the entrance to the Gorges du Verdon, Castellane is dominated by the Roc, an imposing limestone cliff. A privileged village for nature sports, this Provencal town combines its tourist vocation with the riches of its past and its extraordinary geological heritage.


A medieval town then fortified by the illustrious Vauban, Colmars-les-Alpes is at the crossroads of natural and historical heritage. A commune in the Mercantour National Park and a former border town, it is one of France’s most beautiful fortified towns. The town on the banks of the Verdon River boasts a surprising wealth of military and religious buildings. Its narrow streets secretly preserve the heritage of centuries gone by. Put your ear to the ground! The old stones have many stories to tell you.


An exceptional medieval city!

Let your imagination take you on a tour of this fortified town, which has retained all the charm of times gone by. Lose yourself in the winding lanes that bear witness to ancient times. Don’t forget to climb up to the Citadelle, perched like a knight on his way to the castle, for unbeatable views of the village and valley!

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