Pêcheur dans les plus beaux coins

The most beautiful river fishing spots

Water, rich in fish, is present throughout the region, in settings each more beautiful than the next. Discover enchanting places with exceptional fishing potential.

A fishing trip

Alone or with the family, surrounded by clear, turquoise or sometimes emerald waters, let yourself be carried away by the peaceful sound of water and nature.
Discover fishing in our wild rivers populated by magnificent salmonids!

Pecheurs Haut Verdon

Des lieux halieutiques exceptionnels

Le Coulomp

A fisherman’s paradise, Le Coulomp will take you away. The fario trout will be the reward of this magnificent river.

Rivière Le Coulomp

Rivière Le Coulomp et viaducde la Donne

Pêche dans la rivière Le Coulomp

Go as far as the village of Braux, then upstream to the hamlet of Chabrières.

The Verdon gorges

Fish in this grandiose, world-famous site and admire its gorges! This unforgettable spot is ideal for fly and spear-fishing enthusiasts.
Descend to Point Sublime via the Blanc-Martel trail, at the Samson couloir, and allow 15 minutes to walk to the river.

Watch out for water releases throughout the year.
For more information, please contact our tourist offices or the EDF answering machine indicating the day’s flow rate:

04 92 83 69 07

Vue de l'intérieur des Gorges du Verdon
La piscine de colmars

La Chalvagne

This shady, emerald-hued river rises in the Val de Chalvagne valley at an altitude of 1,250 m. Numerous pools have formed among the boulders, ideal nooks and crannies for trout. The water is a little cool; perfect after a sunny day, why not try your hand at an evening spoon.

Access the river from the village of Entrevaux at the confluence with the Var.

Rivière Val De Chalvagne

The Lance

This mountain river has a good flow due to its magnificent waterfall a few metres upstream. Its fairly wide bed will allow you to focus on fly or shore fishing.
Access is from the caravan park. You can walk almost all the way up the river to the waterfall and back along the signposted path in 20 minutes.

La Lance
Petite cascade de la lange

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