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Respecting nature

By following these guidelines, you’ll be helping to preserve the natural and cultural environment of the Verdon, while providing an enriching and respectful experience for yourself and future generations.

Travel responsibly and sustainably, respecting the environment, local culture and communities. Here are a few instructions to follow when discovering the Verdon:

  1. Respect nature: Follow the marked trails and avoid disturbing the local flora and fauna. Avoid picking plants or disturbing wildlife.
  2. Minimize waste: Bring a bag with you for waste and take it back with you when you leave an area. Avoid single-use items and use reusable containers instead.
  3. Save water: Use water responsibly, especially in areas where it may be scarce. Take short showers and turn off taps when not in use.
  4. Support the local economy: Opt for local products and community-owned businesses. This helps stimulate the local economy and preserve traditional culture.
  5. Respect traditions and culture: Learn about local customs and act respectfully towards local people and their way of life.
  6. Opt for sustainable modes of transport: If possible, use public transport, car-sharing, cycling or walking to reduce the carbon footprint of your journeys.
  7. Save energy: Turn off lights, electrical appliances and air conditioning when you leave a room. Avoid wasting energy.
  8. Preserve natural resources: Avoid wasting energy, water and other natural resources. Use them responsibly and consciously.
  9. Learn and share: Take advantage of your trip to learn more about the region, its ecosystem and environmental issues. Share this knowledge with other travelers.
  10. Be careful with wildlife: If you see wild animals, maintain a respectful distance so as not to disturb them. Feed them only when authorized and appropriate.
  11. Support local initiatives: If there are conservation projects or community actions in place, consider supporting them financially or as a volunteer.