L'hiver et le ski


In the Southern Alps, snow and sunshine were the order of the day. Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tobogganing… an avalanche of activities and surprises awaits you in the heart of winter.

Winter in the Verdon

Here, the magic of winter also offers unforgettable moments of exchange and reunion: snowball fights, igloo building and snowmen. Unless you prefer to laze in front of the immensity of our snow-covered landscapes.

If the Verdon is one of the world’s most beautiful summer destinations, you’d be hard-pressed to imagine how transformed you could return from a winter holiday.

Put on your mittens and you’ll love it!

Piste de ski
Panaeaux au Col st Michel

The stations

Enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year

Let yourself be charmed by the diversity of immaculate landscapes offered by the snow-covered valleys and forests of the Verdon.

From the
Val d’Allos
to the highest peaks of the
Mercantour National Park
from the springs of the Verdon to the Nordic areas of
Ratery 1700
La Colle-Saint-Michel
plunge into the sun-drenched great white!

Did you know?

The word “ski” comes from the Old Norse “skih”, meaning a wooden billet, shoe or snowshoe on the snow.
However, some etymologists believe that the root comes from the Altai mountain region of Mongolia.

The debate is open!

Discover the Haut-Verdon resorts

Le tube de Val d'Allos Pistes de Ski dans le Verdon

Downhill skiing

Alpine skiing is the ultimate winter sports activity! The Espace Lumière du Val d’Allos is one of France’s largest ski areas .

With dozens of kilometers of ski runs, it offers beginners and experienced skiers alike an exceptional and varied playground!

In the heart of larch forests, in mountain valleys or on unspoilt trails, the scenery is never the same. A change of scenery guaranteed!

Discover the ski area!

Espace Lumière estate

This ski area connects the Val d’Allos – La Foux resort with the Pra Loup ski area.

  • 90 tracks
  • 47 ski lifts


Val d’Allos – La Foux

800-metre ascent (summit: 2575m)

  • 41 ski runs: 3 green, 20 blue, 14 red, 4 black
  • 17 lifts: 7 drag lifts, 8 chair lifts, 2 magic carpets


Val d’Allos – Le Seignus

900m vertical drop (top of slopes: 2374m)

  • 24 ski runs: 2 green, 9 blue, 8 red, 5 black
  • 10 lifts: 4 drag lifts, 3 chair lifts, 2 gondola lifts, 1 snow wire
Ski de fond domaine nordique Ratery 1700 Ski de fond domaine nordique Ratery

Nordic skiing

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cross-country skier, the Ratery 1700 and La Colle-Saint-Michel Nordic ski areas offer cross-country ski trails and itineraries adapted to your level.


Ratery 1700

  • 4 cross-country ski trails – 20 km: 1 green, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 black


La Colle-Saint-Michel

  • 7 cross-country ski trails – 57 km: 1 green, 2 blue, 3 red, 1 black
  • 1 Nordic route – 20.9 km + 4.8 km (return variant)
Raquettes Balades en raquettes


In the footsteps of David Crockett, put on your best snowshoes and explore the Nordic domains at your own pace, enjoying the beauty of the scenery and the fresh air. Alone, as a couple, with friends or family, freedom is yours!

You can also opt for accompanied walks with one of our mountain guides!

Ratery 1700

  • 3 snowshoe trails – 14 km

La Colle-Saint-Michel

  • 2 snowshoe trails – 11 km
  • 1 pedestrian/snowshoe/trail path

Val d’Allos – The village

  • 2 snowshoe trails – 12.3 km and 2 pedestrian/snowshoe trails – 8.3 km

Val d’Allos – Le Seignus

  • 1 snowshoe trail – 12.4 km

Val d’Allos – La Foux

  • 1 snowshoe trail – 3.4 km and 1 pedestrian/snowshoe trail – 3km

Access to the trails is free for the Val d’Allos and chargeable for the Ratery and La Colle-Saint-Michel Nordic areas.

be accompanied

Would you like to know all the secrets of the Verdon’s enchanting nature?
Book your snowshoe outing now with our passionate and enthusiastic mountain guides.

Other activities

It's not all about skiing and snowshoeing!

Biathlon enfants Biathlon


In the Nordic areas of Ratery and La Colle-Saint-Michel, you can practice biathlon with a laser rifle.

Initiation is possible from the age of 8! Book an individual or group lesson for your child or yourself today!

Piste de luge
Espaces luge

Tobogganing areas

Tobogganing is a must! For the whole family, there’s a whole range of areas designed for safe practice!

  • 1 tobogganing area in Val d’Allos-le village
  • 1 tobogganing area at Ratery 1700
  • 1 tobogganing area in La Colle-Saint-Michel

Verdon Express

multi-season tobogganing at La Foux d’Allos

Located close to the Marin Pascal chairlift in La Foux d’Allos, the Verdon Express rail sled is the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy the thrills and safety of the Verdon Express!

995 metres of fun, with a succession of ascents, descents, turns, jumps, waves and flip-flops. Are you tempted?

Balade en chien de traineau
Balades en chiens de traîneau

Dog sled rides

Comfortably installed in the sleigh pulled by the musher, set off on an adventure like the great explorers of the Far North! A magical, unforgettable moment.

Ski passes

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