Le lac D'allos

Mercantour National Park

Reverie in an enchanting setting, look no further for paradise on Earth – it’s right here!

A timeless space

Between the strength of the mountains and the fragility of nature, the Mercantour National Park offers you fascination, wonder and reverie through the immensity and splendor of its ever-changing landscapes and astonishing play of light.

Pure air, calm and serenity amid sparkling lakes, crystal-clear springs, secret forests, alpine meadows and peaks over 3000m high make this an ideal place to let go and recharge your batteries.

Le parc aux étoiles
Les vaches dans le parc de Mercantour

The star park

The Mercantour National Park extends over 7 valleys in the “Mediterranean Alps”, making up a vast territory, the last promontory of the southern Alpine arc before plunging into the deep blue sea. The Verdon marks the eastern gateway to this temple of nature.

Biological richness, scenic beauty and cultural interest justify special protection. But there’s no point in protecting and knowing if you can’t give it back. Of the park’s many missions, ensuring that this exceptional heritage is passed on to future generations is undoubtedly the most significant.

Dans le Parc du Mercantour, patrimoine sauvage

This exceptional heritage deserves to be recognized by Unesco!

The bid is on to achieve the grail in the recognition of a heritage of great geological originality, recognized as unique on earth .

What an opportunity for you to rub shoulders with this wonderful wild and preserved heritage and to help your children discover it! What a pleasure to recharge your batteries in nature bathed in the sunshine of the Southern Alps!

Gilles’ advice

A magical place for the eyes and senses. If you listen carefully, you can hear the birds singing and the water flowing from the stream. Breathe in the scent of moss in the undergrowth and the myriad flowers in the meadows.

Did you know?

Mercantour National Park is part of the
Alpes Azur Mercantour International Dark Sky Reserve
one of 14 sites worldwide. It’s an explosion of glowing confetti in the sky! The stars shine and twinkle by the thousands in the clear sky. The simple, fleeting joy of having your feet on the ground and your head in the stars: you’ll be St Exupéry’s little prince in the night. So turn off your lights, it’s time to turn the stars back on!

Marmottes dans le Val d'Allos
Parc du Mercantour

Extraordinary landscapes and stunning biodiversity

If only there were mountains polished by glaciers, lakes or waterfalls…but a thousand and one animal and plant species bring their share of enchantment and emotion. So present and so wild, they are accessible with a little effort and patience…

From the infinitely small to the sometimes invisible, a mosaic of 2,067 plant species and 8,744 animal species will fill your explorer’s soul with wonder. Admire them with respect as they are precious treasures for humanity.

Vertigo of an encounter: marmots, ibexes, birds of prey, insects and other small creatures, discover the 5 most emblematic species of the National Park.

A hiker's dream, away from the crowds and in a cool spot

The Mercantour National Park and the Haut-Verdon valley are an ideal starting point for a multitude of well-marked hikes for experts and beginners alike.

From simple walks
that takes you to superb lakes
where contemplation is the order of the day, to hikes where you’ll have to climb steeply (…sweat a lot…) ibex and chamois will delight you in this lively, unspoilt and authentic environment just 1h30 from the sea.

3 good reasons to come

Climbing to the topsitting on the edge of the world

Contemplating the landscape, the flight of vultures and climbers, breathing and taking time to refocus.

Admire Europe’s highest lake: depayment guaranteed!

Lac d’Allos is Europe’s largest natural high-altitude lake. Nestled at an altitude of 2,230 metres in a magnificent natural setting, it lies at the heart of the Mercantour.

See Corsica from Mont Pelat

Depart from Lac d’Allos and climb Mont Pelat. At 3,051 m, it is the highest peak in the upper Verdon valley. On a clear day, you can even make out Corsica. A breathtaking panorama awaits you!

Further information


To find out more about the cultural and natural heritage of the Mercantour and Alpi Marittime, consult the Cross-border Atlas.



Before setting off on your Mercantour adventure. Here are a few tips:



The regulations applicable in the heart of the Mercantour National Park ensure the protection of our heritage and the preservation of plant and animal species. Camping, walking with pets, driving and parking on certain roads, etc. are all prohibited.
See the regulations in detail



To find out more about the cultural and natural heritage of the Mercantour and Alpi Marittime, consult the Cross-border Atlas.

Feel like coming back for more?

Why not spend the night in a refuge, with the stars as a screen and the valleys lit up at sunrise?
You’ll feel like you’ve been away much longer, and your children will feel like they’re on an adventure.

In the midst of nature

Hiking in the Park

Mercantour écotourisme

The Mercantour, an ecotourism destination

Created in 2012, the Mercantour Ecotourism Association is a network of tourism professionals: accommodation providers, farmers, mountain guides, craftsmen, artists…

All residents of the Mercantour valleys and fervent partners of the Park, they work to develop a controlled and sustainable form of tourism, respectful of the environment and guaranteeing visitors unforgettable experiences.

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