aux portes du Verdon

Olive trees

A symbol of Provence, the olive tree can be found at the gateway to the Verdon, near Entrevaux. Grown in terraces on the slopes of the town, the olive tree is an integral part of the village landscape. As in most of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the variety found here is the aglandau, which gives a fruity green oil.

Huile d'olive artisanale
Fabrication d'huile d'olive

Authentic atmosphere

In an oil mill

The communal oil mill is still used by an olive-growing syndicate whose main aim is to produce oil for its members in February. It consists of a single room housing the presses, the pond and the millstone.

Let us take you on a physical and virtual tour of the mill. The free downloadable application will delight children with its interactive games, and older children with its videos and testimonials from the past!

Les marchés provençaux dans le Verdon

A little Provence

in my suitcase

Would you like to bring a little piece of Provence with you? You’ll find what you’re looking for
our markets
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or in local shops.

Did you know?

The tradition of the beignette: at the Entrevaux oil mill, after a day of pressing, the new oil is enjoyed on bread croutons rubbed with garlic and bathed in a plate of olive oil!

Les oliveraies
Randonnées au cœur des oliveraies

Hiking in the heart of the olive groves

What better way to get a feel for the area than by taking a hike through its olive groves?

Our hikes in the heart of the olive groves will take you along the Var river on paths skirting the olive trees grown in restanques on well-exposed slopes. On the outskirts of the fortified town, there’s also a real little neighborhood, the olive grove district, with its small vegetable gardens and charming sheds.

Millers' portraits

Vincent and Emmanuelle fell in love with Entrevaux and its olive-growing tradition. They learned the know-how from former millers, and it’s they who keep the Entrevaux oil mill running every winter.

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