Annot, city of sandstone

Annot spreads out its houses at the foot of the Annot sandstone cliffs. Cultivated terraces and rock shelters mixed with boulders invite you to take a stroll. Hiking or climbing enthusiasts, your playground is just down the road. As for gourmets, our specialities will awaken your taste buds.

intérieur rue du village d'Annot
le lavoir du village d'annot

Gentle living in a city of character

A medieval heart of beautifully cobbled streets. And everywhere, the music of water from canals and fountains accompanies you.
Old stalls, engraved door lintels, corbelled houses and watchtowers follow one another, and from time to time, a small square flooded with sunlight or shaded by the ramparts offers itself to the visitor. Stroll through the old town or follow the street signs, and Annot, a city of character and nonchalant elegance, will reveal all its secrets.

les grès d'annot

In the heart of Annot sandstone

From its sandstone cocoon, the chapel of Vers-la-Ville opens onto the village. Along its access path, terraces of crops follow one another. Large boulders appear at every turn. And these houses leaning against the rock or actually built on a rock… amazing!

To extend your discovery, opt for the most emblematic of hikes: the Annot sandstone trail.

The steam train

Did you know-icon

Annot is an essential destination for the t
rain des Pignes, which runs every year from May to October. An original family getaway!

Un grimpeur sur une paroi d'escalade sur les grès d'Annot
grimpeur sur un bloc d'escalade dans les grès d'annot

Climbing paradise in Annot

A world-famous climbing spot for its sandstone site, you’ll find bouldering, sport and trad routes.
Climbing for all tastes and levels.

Currently in Annot

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