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Top 5 canyon views

To help you admire Europe’s largest canyon, the Verdon Tourisme team has put together a Top 5 list of the best views.

Le belvédère de la dent d’Aire

1. Dent d’Aire viewpoint

This viewpoint, located on the crest road on the right bank, is surely THE best view of the Canyon. Accessible by bike or car, this viewpoint offers an exceptional panorama at any time of day. However, it’s at sunrise and sunset that it reveals all its magic!

If you’re lucky, when you look up, you’ll see a majestic ballet of vultures. That’s all there is to it!

➜ Info: This point of view is accessible to all!

Le Col d’Illoire

2. Col d’Illoire

This time, let’s cross the river and change departments to admire the canyon. It’s on the left bank that you can marvel at the sheer expanse of the Gorges du Verdon. And if, in the foreground, you’re captivated by the emerald water of the river, in the distance, you can plunge into the blue of the lavender fields.

➜ Info: these fields bloom from mid-June to mid-July.

Le Point Sublime

3. Le Point Sublime

If you haven’t heard of us yet, you’re about to! This famous lookout is the first in the Verdon Gorge. Enjoy a magical view of the canyon’s formation from its suspended balcony!

It’s also the arrival point for the great Blanc-Martel trail! The viewpoint is well worth a few minutes’ walk! And believe us, it’s worth it!

➜ Info: parking available. Allow 10 minutes for the walk.

Le Pont de Galetas

4. Galetas Bridge

Does this view ring a bell? It’s normal, because it’s THE view that’s everywhere you look when you talk about the Gorges du Verdon. Straddling the departments of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Var, the Pont de Galetas offers one of the world’s most famous views! And with good reason: you can get there by car or on foot to catch a glimpse of the end of the canyon, where the Verdon river meets Lac de Sainte-Croix. Magic, isn’t it?

➜ Info: during strong gusts of wind, boat access is prohibited from the bridge.

Le balcon de la Mescla

3. Le Point Sublime

This balcony offers a splendid view of the Verdon Gorge and the Blanc-Martel trail. With its translucent waters, it is the junction of the Artuby and Verdon rivers, hence the name “Mescla”, which means “mixture” in Provencal.

➜ The call for a souvenir photo will be too strong, get set!

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