Citadelle d'Entrevaux

Our Vauban towns

The Vauban strongholds of Colmars-les-Alpes and Entrevaux have left their mark on the turbulent history of the French kingdom during the reign of the Sun King.

Entrée de Entrevaux
Entrevaux, citadelle

Impregnable sentinels

Who would dare to cross the border line bristling with peaks and summits over 2,500 m high?

Who would dare venture beyond these impressive Alpine passes, which are barely passable for a few months of the year?

At the end of the 17th century, to ensure the kingdom’s security, two cities were built as impregnable sentinels, with fine military architecture that you’ll enjoy contemplating.

Forts, citadels, ramparts, bastioned towers – the works are numerous and perfectly preserved despite their great age. This secretly guarded heritage, on the edge of the Mercantour mountains in
and the valleys of the Niçois highlands at
fascinates and surprises visitors who discover it.

Colmars les Alpes

A cultural adventure at Colmars-les-Alpes

If ever there was a place you thought would be peaceful, it’s this Haute-Provence valley nestled at the foot of the Alps. And yet, for 300 years, the Haut-Verdon was the scene of a border between Provence and Savoy. Bordered by the tumultuous waters of the Verdon and nestled in a green setting at the gateway to the Mercantour National Park, Colmars is an architectural gem.

With its two 17th-century military forts, Fort de France and Fort de Savoie, and its covered walkway that encircles the town with its tall, traditional houses, the fortress is a true “cultural adventure”.

Did you know?

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Vauban designed or redesigned 150 strongholds throughout France.

Citadelle d'Entrevaux

Take Entrevaux by storm

After climbing the steps that guide us on a timeless journey, we’re straight into the past. Set off to explore this town of character, built into the hillside amidst olive groves and overlooked by its high-perched citadel.

To do this, you’ll have to take giant steps across the Var river on an incredible fortified drawbridge.

With its picturesque old houses, narrow streets and colorful medieval squares, Entrevaux is proud of its heritage. There are plenty of architectural sights to visit on your quest.

Towns of character

Once strategic cities, they have kept their letters of nobility and open the doors of their monuments for the pleasure of lovers of old stones and history buffs. This very present past has earned them the “Villes et cités de caractère” label.

Petite Ville de Castellane

3 good reasons to discover our cities

  • Discover perfectly preservedmilitary architecture .
  • Visit remarkable monuments open to the public.
  • Take a step back intime with these places steeped in history.

Further information


For people with reduced mobility, a joëlette is available on reservation at the Colmars tourist information office.

For a simpler way to visit the villages, use a baby carrier rather than a baby carriage.

Want to explore with a guide?

To find out more about our cities, don’t hesitate to discover them with a guide.

Fêtes médiévales

Medieval festivals

Not to be missed!

Pilgrims, your journey through time begins here. Cross the drawbridges, push open the gates of our fortified enclosures… Step back in time and immerse yourself in an extraordinary festive atmosphere!

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