Parc du Verdon

Preserving the Verdon Regional Nature Park

The Verdon Regional Nature Park is a protected area. Here are a few tips you can apply on a daily basis.

Les plages


What you need to know

Swimming (supervised on 3 beaches by lifeguards) and water sports (pedal boats, stand-up paddles, canoes, motorboats, sailing, etc.) are available on Lac de Castillon.

However, due to the dangerous nature of the river and the need to protect its flora and fauna , swimming is not permitted in the Verdon.

The Verdon Regional Nature Park

Your actions will have a real impact on this space which is our future, but also traces of the past!
So get involved and help protect our landscapes and biodiversity.

Kayaking down the river

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The descent of the Verdon
your own kayak

without being accompanied
by a professional
is not possible.

Get in touch with them!

Laissez couler la rivière

Let it breathe

The fish

The river is wild. By building pebble dams, you heat up the water, leading to the disappearance of fish, including the Rhone apron, a protected endemic species.

So, out of respect for biodiversity, please let the river flow and the fish breathe.

La nidification des Vautours
La nidification des vautours

Vulture nesting

What you need to know

Vultures were reintroduced to the Gorges du Verdon in the 1990s.

Every year, the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) PACA and the Leï Lagramusa climbing club publish a list of routes sensitive to the nesting of griffon vultures and peregrine falcons.
From January to the end of August, climbers are invited to avoid these routes so as not to disturb nesting and thus preserve the fauna.

Did you know?

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In the Parc naturel régional du Verdon, wild camping and bivouacs are forbidden on the shores of lakes and in the Gorges du Verdon.

Other regulations

To preserve the environment

Whether you’re a resident or a holidaymaker, here are a few reminders of the other regulations that apply in the Parc naturel régional du Verdon.

Fire hazard

Especially in summer, the risk of fire is high in the Verdon massifs. So please don’t light your cigarettes, make campfires or barbecues, or use gas or electric stoves.
Here you’ll find fire risk maps for the 3 départements (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Var and Alpes-Maritimes).

➜ Our advice

Instead of disposing of cigarette butts in the wild, which can cause a fire, opt for a portable ashtray.

Waste management

In natural areas, you won’t find garbage cans at every bend in the path… but that’s no reason to throw your garbage out into nature. So please collect and sort your garbage.

➜ Our advice

Carry garbage bags or plastic bags in your backpack, so you can place and sort your waste before disposing of it in a container.

Nuisances on the lakes

On the shores of the Castillon and Sainte-Croix lakes or aboard watercraft (canoe, pedalo, boat…), please limit noise pollution, especially musical noise.

➜ Our advice

Instead of using a connected speaker, opt for headphones or earphones to avoid disturbing nearby people and animals.

Using a drone

Drone overflights are a nuisance for humans and animals. This is why it is regulated, particularly in protected areas. Please follow the instructions.

➜ Our advice

Find out about overflight restrictions and consult the prevention guide of the Parc naturel régional du Verdon.

Advice from the eco-guards

In summer, you’re sure to come across one of the eco-guards from the Verdon Regional Nature Park.

They visit all areas of the Park, from the lakes to the Gorges, to welcome you, inform you and raise your awareness of nature conservation.

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