Sentier des Siréniens

Haute-Provence Geological Nature Reserve

Europe’s largest protected geological reserve offers unique places to discover.

La Réserve nationale Géologique de Haute Provence
Tableaux d'explication géologique

Haute-Provence National Geological Reserve

Guardian of our treasures


The ammonite, a fossil of legends

The shape of ammonites has fascinated people on every continent for centuries. From Germany to Great Britain, via Nepal, they have inspired numerous myths and legends. They take their name from Ammon, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. In Barrême, they’re everywhere, and that’s no legend. The village gave its name to the geological period in which these molluscs lived, over 110 million years ago: The Barrêmien. Come through the doors of the town hall to discover them.

The outcrop used to define the Barrêmien geological stage is located on the route d’Angles.

Did you know?

Located in Tartonne,Andy Goldworthy ‘s sentinel is part of an original artistic journey that is unique in Europe. In collaboration with the Musée Gassendi and the Réserve géologique de Haute-Provence, the internationally-renowned British artist has scattered his Refuges d’art around the reserve.

La vallée des siréniens géo-site d'exception
Des vestiges de l'histoire dans la pierre

The Siren Valley

exceptional geo-site

Further information

Within the protected perimeter of the Geological Reserve, the destruction, removal or degradation of fossils or minerals is prohibited. Manual sampling in limited quantities is tolerated only outside sites classified as National Nature Reserves.

L’aventure géologique

The geological adventure

A fantastic journey through space and time, discovering the most spectacular geological sites in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Bring the whole family aboard Federico Sacco and Edouard-Alfred Martel’s time machine.

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