Gorges de Daluis

Daluis gorges

The Gorges de Daluis are huge walls over 900 meters long, carved out of the red schist that gives them their distinctive color.

Des Gorges de Daluis et du Cians
Le point du Pont de la Mariée

The circuit

Gorges de Daluis et du Cians

take the direction of Daluis. After a few kilometers, the gorges open up to you…dizzying cliffs over 300 meters high, sparkling water, contrasting vegetation: it’s a breathtaking landscape!

Arriving at the village of Guillaumes, follow the signs for Valberg, then Beuil, to begin the descent into the Gorges du Cians. Deeper and narrower, they are just as majestic. You’re at the water’s edge, and the gorges are towering above you! It’s enough to make you feel very small in the face of the immensity of the scenery.

Before returning to Entrevaux, we recommend a short detour to Puget-Rostang to discover the
ecomusée du pays de la Roudoule, in the land of Gavotte



The Gorges de Daluis are huge walls over 900 meters long, carved out of the red schist that gives them their distinctive color. Take the balcony road through the gorge, which offers some of the finest views in the world…and don’t forget to stop off at the bride’s bridge. At 80 metres high, it’s the most breathtaking point in the gorge.

Do you dare adventure?

Marie’s + info
The ideal circuit for bikers!

Pont de la Mariée

The legend of the bride's bridge

Overlooking the 80-metre-high precipice, the Pont de la mariée is a real work of art, once used as a tramway link to Guillaumes from Nice.
But a dramatic story came back to haunt him. What happened on July 30, 1927?
A young couple on their honeymoon in the valley wanted to visit the gorge at around 9pm. The limousine in which they had arrived in Guillaumes took them in the direction of the gorges, stopping at the bridge.
The young wife, deceived by the darkness, as her husband claimed, jumped over the bridge. But did she fall on her own?! The question remains…
After this tragedy, the tramway bridge was renamed the “Bridge of the Bride”.

A tramway line linked Nice to Guillaumes from 1923 to 1929. The tramway then used the Bride Bridge.

Did you know?

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The red schist boulder in the shape of a woman’s head a few metres after the Berthéou bridge represents “the guardian of the gorges”!

Une faune et une flore particulière
Végétation Gorges de Daluis

A unique flora and fauna

The Gorges de Daluis regional nature reserve is the first classified nature reserve in the Alpes-Maritimes. Its rich mineralogical, geological, fauna and flora characteristics make it a remarkable site.

Its distinctive color is due to the red pelites present in the rocks, and the metallic concentrations linked to the presence of copper have revealed minerals that are unique in the world. In addition, the site is home to at least three protected plant species and ten species of heritage interest. That’s all there is to it!

As this is a regional nature reserve, there are rules to be respected. Thank you for your attention.

An air of Colorado

The resemblance is such that you’d think you were in Colorado. Similar in gorges and color, there’s no doubt that the gorges offer a complete change of scenery.

3 good reasons to make the loop

Discover two gorges: Gorgesde Daluis seen from above and Gorges du Cians seen from below.

There are plenty of places to stop and admire the scenery.

Different landscapes of Provence: red earth and mountain scenery.

Further information

picnic tables are available at the stops on the Gorges de Daluis side.

Practical information for camper vans:
the gorges are accessible by camper van, but the road is narrow on the Gorges du Cians side.

In the midst of nature

Hiking in the Gorges de Daluis

Le Circuit D'amen


Duration: 5h30 round trip
Ascent: 600 m
Departure point: Pont des Roberts, parking just after the bridge.
Au milieu de la nature


Duration: 3h30 loop
Ascent: 500 m
Start: Cante bridge, parking just after the bridge.

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