Sculture de galets

The summits

Faced with the immensity of the landscapes our destination has to offer, our summits are privileged places to enjoy 360° views and unforgettable panoramas.

They graze at altitudes of between 1,900 m and 3,000 m, with breathtaking views.

Le Pelat

1. Le Pelat

It is the highest point in the upper Verdon valley. The view of Lac d’Allos from the summit, at 3051 meters, is breathtaking. On a clear day, it’s possible to catch a glimpse of the Ile de Beauté on the horizon. In the heart of the Mercantour massif, it offers the most beautiful balcony on the surrounding peaks.

News : Residents of the upper Verdon valley watch the sunrise from Mont Pelat

Le Chiran

2. Le Chiran

The summit plateau of Le Chiran can be reached from the footpaths of the
hamlet of Chauvets
or the
village of Blieux
. It is occupied by an
astronomical observatory
and a guarded refuge. The summit rises to 1,905 m, offering sweeping views from the Alps to the Mediterranean.

Info: Friendly hikers who love constellations spend an unforgettable night at the
under one of the most beautiful starry skies

Le Teillon

3. Le Teillon

The summit of Teillon accessible via a itinerary
can be reached after a 980 m climb from the village of La Garde . It offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding peaks and the bluish reflections of Lac de Castillon.

Info: Parking spaces in the village of La Garde

Le Puy de Rent

4. Le Puy de Rent

The trail begins in a pine forest, then winds its way up through a larch forest, arriving at the summit ridge in awe of the beauty of the landscape.

The summit, at 1,996 m, offers a splendid panoramic view of the Vaïre and Verdon valleys.

Info: Three hiking trails depart from Allons, Annot and La Colle-Saint-Michel.

Panneau de signalisation au sommet du Pic de Couar

5. Le Couar

From the village of Tartonne, the
crosses a wooded area before winding up a slope devoid of vegetation. The summit rises to 1,988 m, offering breathtaking panoramic views as far as the eye can see.

Info: On a clear day, you can see the Écrins and the Dévoluy massif.

Le Cheval Blanc

6. Le Cheval Blanc

A magnificent summit that rises to an altitude of almost 2,350 m. The ascent via the pedestrian route is difficult because of the difference in altitude, but the panorama on arrival is spectacular, with a 360° view over the Bléone and Issole valleys.

Info: You can see the astronomical observatory under construction on the summit ridge.

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