Le train des Pignes

How to get to the Verdon

Are you looking forward to discovering our region or are you on a business trip?
We tell you all about bus routes, trains, bicycles and even electric charging stations!

Connects Digne-les-Bains to Grenoble.

Operates from September 1, 2023
Fridays and Sundays only during school periods

Brillane to Avignon

Ligne reliant Avignon à Aix-en-Provence (gare routière)

Marseille (airport) to Digne-les-Bains line.

Line serving Marseille (airport), Aix-en-Provence (TGV station and bus station) and Digne-les-Bains.

The line serves Marseille (Gare SNCF Saint-Charles), Aix-en-Provence (bus station) and Riez.

Serves Riez, La Palud-sur-Verdon and Castellane

Line from Castellane to Saint-André-les-Alpes.

Operates only during the summer season.

Connects Manosque with Digne-les-Bains.

Serves Brillane.

Connects Nice (Airport) with Digne and serves Castellane and Barrême.

Until September 1, 2023, this line runs from Nice to Grenoble.

Nice (Chemins de Fer de Provence station) to Digne-les-Bains line.

Train services to Entrevaux, Annot, Thorame-Gare, Saint-André-les-Alpes and shuttle bus services to Barrême and Digne-les-Bains.

From Nice (Arenas) Guillaumes.

Dessert Entrevaux

From Thorame-Gare to La-Foux-d’Allos.

Serves Colmars-les-Alpes and the Val d’Allos resorts.

Winter: shuttle service to the resorts of Allos, Colmars-les-Alpes, Villars-Colmars, Beauvezer and the Nordic areas of Ratery 1700 and La-Colle-Saint-Michel.

Summer: serves the villages of Thorame-Haute, Villars-Colmars and the Val d’Allos resorts.

Coming by public transport

in the verdon

To come to the Verdon, prefer alternative means of transport such as bus, train or carpooling to preserve our environment as much as possible. Use the calculator to find out about all public transport modes and find the ideal itinerary for travelling without a car:

Coming by car


By carNiceMarseilleAix-en-ProvenceToulonGap
La Palud-sur-Verdon2h202h152h2h152h10


Consider carpooling!
Our region has enough traffic to make it easy to find carpooling routes. This option is not only economical, it’s also environmentally friendly.
This makes access to the Verdon region even easier.

Useful information

Road conditions

Stay up to date on roadworks, openings and closures of passes and roads in the Alpes de Haute-Provence département.
Real-time road conditions

Charging stations

Accelerated recharging stations for electric vehicles have been deployed in villages throughout the area, from the springs to the Gorges du Verdon. They are available with or without subscription.
Electric charging stations

Preparing well

Your stay in the Verdon