Voies d'escalade

Climbing in the Gorges du Verdon

In the heart of the Verdon regional nature park, limestone of exceptional quality, over 1,500 routes in countless sectors, long routes and school cliffs. In short, a must in the life of any self-respecting climber. And new routes that make you want to come back again and again…

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Seb Bouin réussit le deuxième 9c du monde dans les Gorges du Verdon

Seb Bouin

On Sunday 24 April 2022, Seb Bouin became the 2nd climber in the world to achieve a 9c, thanks to his successful linking of the “DNA” route in the Gorges du Verdon.
Le camp de base de l’escalade dans les Gorges du Verdon
Rougon et le Point Sublime, des randonnées incontournables

The sectors

for climbing

La Palud-sur-Verdon or Rougon are the base camp for climbing in the Gorges du Verdon, and most sites are no more than 10 minutes away, on the right bank of the Gorges du Verdon.

Climbing topos are on sale at the tourist information offices in
La Palud-sur-Verdon
don’t leave without them.

➜ Tip: Take a detour via the
the left bank of the Gorges du Verdon
. Even if the tracks are less extensive, they’re not lacking in charm.

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Birth of a myth

Few places have marked the history of a sporting activity like the Gorges du Verdon. At the end of the 60s, climbing began and the first routes were opened. The Verdon became a meeting place for mountaineers from Marseille and Nice. Pioneers include François Guillot, Patrick Cordier and Bernard Gorgeon.

Climbing is evolving from a summit to be conquered to an experience to be lived. Patrick Edlinger catapulted her to the forefront with “La vie au bout des doigts”. The Overdon and Vertical Opera documentaries give media coverage to the Gorges du Verdon site. The myth is born.

Did you know?

“The abysses of the Verdon … were summarily known only to the boxwood cutters of La Palud and Aiguines who, with the help of ropes attached to the cliffs, fetch stumps or roots of this shrub to make boules games”. Edouard Martel – 1928 . Discover this ancestral tradition at the Musée des Tourneurs sur Bois in Aiguines .

Grandes voies
Le Col d'Illoire point de vue magnifique

Grandes voies, en voul-tu en voilà

50 years old, 350 m: Demande is the longest and first route opened in the Escalès. Many others will follow, l’Offre, Pichenibule, Ulk, la Ula, Tom et je Ris… The twenty kilometers of gorges offer several hundred routes from 100 to 350 m high.

Many of them are accessed by abseiling from the top, which limits the number of approach steps. The climbing is technical and challenging, and the feeling of emptiness is omnipresent – so it’s best to manage your emotions! The Verdon will leave you with unforgettable memories. Routes up to 8c.

➜ “Climbing is a bodily expression like dance. Except that the choreography is dictated by the holds, it’s the Vertical Opera” Patrick Edlinger – La vie au bout des doigts by Jean-Paul Janssen.

Équipement escalade

In moulinette mode in the Escalès

Are you a first-timer and dreaming of the grand canyon of the Verdon? Discover the sensation of vertigo under your feet? Try out this special technique at the queen of cliffs, the Escalès. You descend by moulinette from the summit before climbing 20 or 30 m suspended 300 m from the ground. And maybe rub shoulders with vultures…panoramic views and thrills guaranteed!

Vautours fauves

Small lanes?

There are also

The Verdon also has single-length routes – yes, it does! Col d’Ayen, Félines, L’école buissonnière, Petit Eycharme, Chasteuil… beautiful little cliffs for you to try outtame the rock and push back your limits.

If you’re already a climber, you can improve your skills and dare to try a harder route. Or simply enjoy immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the Verdon without being a fan of the big routes…

➜ Info +: single-length routes, up to 25 m high, from 3b.



small vultures on cliffs

It’s impossible to climb the Verdon without admiring these giants of the air, the vultures, and envying their lightness. Their breeding season coincides with the climbing season, and some routes pass close to their nests.

To preserve the tranquillity of this endangered species and that of other birds of prey, each year the Parc du Verdon shows you the routes to avoid.

➜ Tip, read

Would you like to make a reservation?

If you fancy a climb

3 good reasons to come

An internationally renowned climbing site!

The Gorges du Verdon are among the most beautiful climbing routes in the world.

Airy atmosphere guaranteed!

Gas in Europe’s tallest cliffs!

A sublime preserved site!

Limestone of unforgettable beauty and quality in a grandiose natural setting.

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