In protected areas

From the Mercantour National Park to our highest peaks, via the geological reserve of Haute-Provence to the Verdon Regional Nature Park, everywhere the dazzling nature in which all our villages nestle deserves the utmost respect.

Vue sur le lac D'Allos avec un chalet
Marmottes et marmottons

Our protected natural areas

Ideal for walking, hiking and a host of other outdoor activities, they offer often surprising circuits, far from the crowds, punctuated by quality accommodation. The logic of development and the framework governing practices are not identical from one zone to another.

In the “national park heartland” zone, all animal species without exception are strictly protected.

Le parc national du Mercantour

Lands of welcome and discovery

They all benefit from special protection regimes, which you should be aware of before setting out to discover these exceptional areas.

Precisely in the
Mercantour National Park
where the prohibition of any action likely to harm the natural development of flora and fauna applies.

Eco-guards are on hand to provide information. Don’t hesitate to ask.


In the Mercantour National Park

Camping and Bivouac

Camping differs from bivouac in that, among other things, the action takes place over several nights in the same place, without the tent or other shelter being dismantled during the day.
Camping (in any type of shelter) is prohibited.
Bivouacs are regulated: they are permitted between 7pm and 9am, more than an hour’s walk inside the park boundaries or from the last car access point.
Bivouacs in camper vans, caravans or roof tents are prohibited.

Use of fire

Fires are generally prohibited to prevent fires and damage to soil and vegetation.


Dogs, even if on a leash or carried, are forbidden.

Waste and noise

It is forbidden to deposit, abandon or throw garbage anywhere.
Noise and disturbances likely to disturb the peace and quiet of the premises are prohibited. This prohibition applies in particular to the use of retransmission devices: radios, portable players with built-in speakers, etc.

Leisure activities and sports

Canyoning is prohibited.
Diving and sailing are prohibited in the heart of the park.
Cycling off roads open to public traffic is regulated.
Horse riding is regulated.
Activities using sails for towing or jumping, as well as activities involving low-level overflight of the heart of the park, are prohibited.
The practice of “free flight” (paragliding, hang-gliding, etc.) is regulated.
Gliding is prohibited below 1,000 meters above ground level.
Overflight by motorized aircraft at less than 1,000 metres above ground level is prohibited.
Flying drones is prohibited.

Motor vehicles

Motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.) are not allowed to circulate or park outside certain roads.

Catching, picking and gathering

The removal of minerals, fossils, plants or animals is prohibited.

Hunting and fishing

The hunting, carrying or possession of a weapon usable for hunting and its ammunition are prohibited.
Fishing is authorized subject to compliance with the regulations in force in each département. However, fishing from a boat or craft is prohibited.

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Did you know?

Actions are being carried out in the Mercantour National Park and you can take part.

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2 randonneurs grimpant le sentier Blanc-Martel

Protecting our natural and cultural heritage

Verdon Regional Nature Park
works to protect the local natural and cultural heritage and contribute to economic development.

To achieve these objectives, the Verdon Regional Nature Park, like the other parks in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, has joined the European network of protected areas by signing up to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

3 good reasons to comply with regulations

Keep to the marked trails so as not to damage anything around you.

Respect the flora and fauna, for you are their hosts.

Respect the signs to avoid making a mistake, and read and inform yourself beforehand.

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