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Coline offers a range of massages: neuro-muscular to relax muscles and release accumulated tension, energetic to bring inner peace, and many others for total well-being from head to toe.

Mani Pura Coline offers a massage service at your home (06)/massage salon (04) that includes research into your needs (relaxation, muscle relaxation, lymphatic drainage) to help you choose the massage that’s right for you.

We offer neuro-muscular massages for active clients who want to relax with gentle muscle release or muscle recovery with medium to strong pressure. They are also ideal for people suffering from muscular tension in the back, for example.

Energetic massages are also available for stressed and anxious clients. The principle is to recharge the body with energy through different processes, depending on the massage chosen (meridian work, mana work, etc.).

Finally, there’s lymphatic drainage, which boosts blood and lymph circulation to combat heavy legs and smooth skin. As well as massage for pregnant women, foot reflexology and cranial massage.

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    • French
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    Open all year

    All year round.

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    • Beauty and wellness

64 Chemin Saint François
04170 Saint-André-les-Alpes-en

Altitude : 900 m

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