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A walk among the traces of the past with Carlon the soldier. This path will help you explore the natural and cultural resources of Colmars-les-Alpes before leading you into a forest of Austrian pines.

3.61 km

Having gone through the village and across the Verdon, the track climbs up a south-facing slope, allowing you to enjoy the view over the walled city and the valley. Cross the fields which were previously used for agricultural purposes and enter a forest consisting of Scotch pines which soon make way for larches.The itinerary then passes alongside the canal and crosses other abandoned fields which are marked with stone walls and hutches. They used to make up a very fertile stretch of land given over to dryland and irrigated land agriculture.You will then continue through a variety of groves before reaching a forest of Austrian pines, which is the fruit of mountain terrain restoration work.Make the return journey along the road.

Difficulté = Very easy

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    Balisage Petite Randonée

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    155m ( Positive : 155m - Negative : 155m )

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    Free of charge.

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