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This family-friendly walk takes you on a surprising discovery of the remains of this village, where you can enjoy a timeless moment with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

3 km
Round trip
1h 30min

Follow the trail back through history: a discovery booklet, on sale at the Tourist Office, will help you discover the secrets of this village.

The trail starts on a track that climbs northwards at the end of the RD 123, and at the beginning, on your right, there’s a field with sheep and their guardians: patous. The patous can be quite vehement, especially if you have a dog. Don’t panic, they’re locked in and can’t get through. However, keep your dog away from the electric fence…

When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll see the remains of Châteauneuf-lès-Moustiers on your right, and a track leading downhill on your left. After visiting the village, if you wish, you can extend your walk by taking this track.
This is the old Roman road, and after a short kilometer’s walk, you’ll discover a chapel on your left, in a cavity in the cliff. After a short, steep and vertiginous climb (5 minutes), you’ll arrive at the cave chapel of Notre-Dame de la Baume…

  • Delicate passages

    Do not enter ruined houses. Care should be taken when entering the Notre-Dame chapel.

  • Markup


  • Difference in level

    140m ( Positive : 140m - Negative : 130m )

  • Altitude

    1059m ( Maximum : 1118m )

  • References

    Cartographic : Map of the 32 hikes around the Verdon Gorge, from La Palud-sur-Verdon to Castellane / Map of the Verdon Regional Nature Park / IGN 3442OT / 3442OTR

  • Services & Equipment
    • Pets welcome

    Animaux : Accepted without supplements

    Warning: you are in a pastoral zone, where guard dogs (patous) may be present.
    Keep your dogs on a leash.

  • Prices

    Free access.

  • Customer base
    • Level green – easy

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Altitude : 1004 m