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Mount Chalvet is a sunny mountain overlooking the village of Saint André les Alpes, where rare species made it their home.

13.39 km

From the parking lot of the railway station, go up the wooden stairs. Take the street to the right and reach the road leading to the Chalvet at the paragliders’ take-off areas.
1 – After a steep section and two winding paths, follow the right path which cuts the road and come out at the St-Jean chapel. Continue on the road for 300m.
2 – Continue for another 50m and take the path going around the curve. Climb gradually, and after eight winding paths, reach a crossroads.
3 – Take the rising trail to the right towards the summit.
4 – At 700m, reach the intersection with the Chalvet hole. This geological curiosity is at 100m, to be done in a round trip tour. To reach the top, keep climbing the trail until the road. Continue the route by a slope in the hill (steep sections!) until the southern side of the take-off area (altitude 1530m). Continue the last metres through the path across and come out directly on the summit of Mount Chalvet (1613 m).
5 – From the top, follow the ridge to the north west and down the mountain pass. Take the path heading to the western slope towards Moriez. Go down the winding path and enter the forest. At the bottom, go along a lavender field to the right and take a path going down the valley to the right. Cross the ford and continue down the path. Reach an intersection 300m from the village. Possibility to go down to Moriez to visit the village and replenish (fountain).
6 – From the intersection, take the path to the east. This path is the former “Imperial Way”. Parallel to the road, reach the mountain pass of the Robines at 1.8km and continue straight. At the intersection upstream the mountain pass, follow the path towards the Dindière. Stroll trough the winding paths among pines and reach another crossroads at the tower.
7 – Continue straight and reach through the path, the road leading to the St-Jean Chapel at point 2 – Enter the car park by the same route as the one used to go.


  • Delicate passages

    Avoid high summer temperatures, leave early. We recommend: 2L of water per person, a hat and proper hiking shoes. Careful, snow in the winter. Preferred seasons: Spring, autumn (fall).

  • Markup

    Balisage Petite Randonée

  • Difference in level

    832m ( Positive : 832m - Negative : 832m )

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