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Projection-conference by Claire Delhon, CNRS researcher, CEPAM – UMR 7264 CNRS, on the theme of “Premiers paysans de montagne, agriculture et élevage à Méailles aux 4e et 3e millénaires avant notre ère” (The first mountain farmers, agriculture and livestock farming at Méailles in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC).

Almost 6,500 years ago, a community of farmers settled in Méailles, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, near the Pertus II cave, which they regularly used as a sheepfold.

During the 1,000 years of the site’s occupation, from the Middle Neolithic to the Final Neolithic, sheep and goat herding led to the accumulation of a large quantity of manure, now fossilized, which contains a wealth of information about past agro-pastoral practices.

Drawing on data collected at Pertus II and other Neolithic sites, this conference aims to shed light on the sophisticated farming techniques mastered by prehistoric shepherds, but also to show how cutting-edge methods from the life sciences, earth sciences, physics and chemistry are enabling 21st-century scientists to identify them.

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