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Meeting hosted by François Martin with the 5 seasons of Colmars. Sandro Botticelli ( 1444 -1510 ) “The music of lines, Renaissance painter in Florence”.

A certain voluptuous melancholy in the faces of his Madonnas and allegorical figures makes BOTTICELLI one of the most endearing artists of the Italian Renaissance.
His paintings emanate from the Florence of the MEDICIS, which emerged in the mid-15th century as the greatest artistic center in Europe.
Famous paintings such as “The Birth of Venus” and “Springtime” reflect the refined, poetic atmosphere created by the humanists of Lorenzo the Magnificent’s court.
While the celebration of the human body was one of the components of ancient art, the art of the Middle Ages was primarily intended for the devotion of the faithful. The Florentine Renaissance, of which BOTTICELLI was one of the glories, sought to blend the themes of Christian religion with the charms of voluptuousness. It was a privileged era, but one that was short-lived.

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