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Annot reveals its mysteries: the former Collège St Vincent de Paul, the Tower and the history of the local Templars, the chapels of Vers-la-Ville and Vérimande, its painters…

In the Louis Barral room (archaeologist who explored the St Benoît caves in 1950 with the team from Monaco’s Musée Anthropologique Préhistorique):
Exhibitions of artifacts found in the St Benoît and Méailles caves during these excavations

In the former communal oven:
Showing of a documentary film on the making of wicker baskets and “chambis” (necklaces used to carry animal bells), as well as the cutting of the keys used for the “chambis”.
This report was produced in 2007 in Castellet-les-Sausses, a village at the foot of the Col du Fa, on the initiative of Christian Larue, with the participation of Jean-Pierre Champoussin, on the life of Gabriel Raynaud, a shepherd all his life…
There will also be a film on the transmission of know-how, and a number of baskets, “chambis” and clavettes, kindly lent for the occasion by his daughter Mado Floupin, will be on display.

Exhibition organized by the ADPC Association under the aegis of Annot town council.

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  • From 22/06/2024 To 30/06/2024
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  • Open on Saturday, Sunday

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Musée Regain
Rue du four
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