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An independent rapper from the South of France, Le Môme, at 26, has already had several lives, and he shows them in his music.
A product of the battles and opens mics school, Le Môme grew up with Youssoupha, Oxmo Puccino, Demi-Portion…

With a seasoned mic, he presents a balanced recipe for old school 2024-style.
Driven by his childhood dreams, questioned by the prism of adulthood, Le Môme wants to offer a rap that brings people together, that does good to the soul.
In concert, we dance to catchy rhythms and powerful lyrics, in a modern return to the roots of hip-hop. Old-school, new-school, timeless rap.

You can buy a pass for the whole Festival at https://boutique.verdontourisme.com/festival-en-sausses/concert/pass-3-soirs-festival-en-sausses

  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • From 27/07/2024 To 27/07/2024
    • Every days 22:30 -
  • From 27/07/2024 To 27/07/2024
    • One price 10

      •  Participation aux frais pour l'accès aux 2 concerts de la soirée

  • Payment method
    • Chèque
    • Espèces
    • Online payment

Scène de l'Esplanade
04320 Sausses-en

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