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A musician, songwriter, performer, arranger and producer, Stephane Brunello is passionate to the core. This year, he delivers his 4th solo album, “Drôle d’époque”, a bittersweet chronicle of our post-confinement modern world.

A composer at heart, the songs of this songwriter from Northern France have spread far beyond the borders of his region, notably through his collaborations with EMI, Sony and Warner (Le Roi Soleil -Christophe Maé -Elodie Frégé-Mozart l’opéra rock).
On the strength of his first three albums, “Encore un jour” (2010), “Juin 67” (2013) & “Belles années” (2020), he has toured extensively, playing over 100 concerts.
In 2021, he wrote the charity single “Nos vallées” to raise funds for storm victims Alex.
He co-wrote the 22-song musical adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac, “Cyrano le spectacle”.
Committed, humanist, lover, father, musician, altruist, concerned, optimist… Stéphane has put a lot of himself and a little bit of everything into his new opus: Drôle d’époque.

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  • From 25/07/2024 To 25/07/2024
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  • From 25/07/2024 To 25/07/2024
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