Fête 1700 Colmars in the time of Vauban

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The day’s program includes a market, street entertainment, tours, theater, music, parades and shows!

Discover Colmars in 1700!
In the century of Louis XIV, Colmars was a fortified town with a garrison of soldiers. The Maison Musée takes on the challenge of making Colmars vibrate to the sound of fifes and drums!
A nocturne 1700 of the museum ends the festive day (reservation required).
Volunteers and professionals in period costumes welcome you to the streets of the fortified town: soldiers, sailors, pirates, smugglers, blacksmiths, potters, bourgeois, beggars, peasants, penitents, merchants, storytellers… They’re all part of an unforgettable day of entertainment and shows.

  • Opening

    Saturday 10 August 2024.

  • Prices

    Prices not available.

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