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Join us for the traditional feast of St. John the Baptist, with religious songs sung by the Saint-Jeannistes brotherhood, St. John’s bonfire, and join the villagers for whom this feast is very important. Funfair on Place Moreau.

Since time immemorial, people in Entrevaux have considered a spring to be miraculous, and so they naturally built a place of worship around it. Much later, they built a chapel in this isolated spot. This is the chapel of Saint Jean-du-Désert, which is visited twice a year by a pilgrimage that is always well attended. The procession has been organized by the Confrérie des Saint Jeanistes since at least the 16th century. On this occasion, a reliquary statue, usually on display at Entrevaux Cathedral, is carried by the Jeanistes in costume, equipped with pikes and led by fife and drum, to the chapel.
Access to the shrine is only possible via an unmade road. This Entreval tradition of procession to the chapel of St. John the Baptist has survived the centuries in its form, without losing its importance, thanks to a brotherhood dedicated to its organization and dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The Confrérie des Saint-Jeanistes is responsible for moving the reliquary bust of St. John the Baptist, looking after it and paying homage to it along the way, accompanied by an enthusiastic crowd.

  • Environment
    • Village centre
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • Opening

    From Friday 21 to Monday 24 June 2024.

  • Prices

    Free access.

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