Les Echappées du Théâtre Durance: “Bien reprenons” (Let’s start again)

  • Bien, reprenons
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Autobiographical ramblings for a musician born in 1987, two clarinets, a vocal ensemble and an Atlantic blue lobster.

Roman Gigoi-Gary goes back to the first bar and plays the score of his life, the story of his quest to build himself musically. An autobiography mixed with fiction, where reality is revealed in its poetic, humorous, absurd and sensitive dimensions. Between live music, soundscapes, written text and voice-over dialogue, an intimate story that brings out the poetry of the little things.

Acting, writing, composition: Roman Gigoi-Gary,
Sound engineering: Arnaud Clément,
Raphaëlle Bouvier, Maxime Potard, Marc Prépus, Léonardo Montecchia Production: Camille Grégoire
Production, administration: Vincent Brut – Lo Bòl !

A program of Théâtre Durance – Scène Nationale, in partnership with CCAPV, Art et Culture – La Chouette et les Cabotins and the commune of Entrevaux.

  • Age range

    Minimum age : 10 years

  • From 27/05/2024 To 27/05/2024
    • Every days 19:00 - 20:05
  • Prices

    Free of charge.

Place Saint-Jean-Baptiste
04320 Entrevaux-en