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A small white dot clinging to the Robion mountain, the Saint-Trophime chapel is troglodyte. Accessible only on foot via a steep footpath, the Saint-Trophime chapel offers a splendid view. It dates back to the 18th century.

The Saint-Trophime chapel is located at the foot of the Robion mountain. It can be reached via a steep path that starts in the hamlet of Petit Robion.
Partly built under the rock overhang, the chapel is rectangular in plan, oriented north-south by the rock. The chapel consists of a single nave, half of which is covered by the rock face, the other half by a single-panel roof with hollow tiles and joint tiles. The eastern wall rests directly on the rock, while the northern facade follows the slope of the wall, using it to form the steps leading up to the door. The visible walls of the chapel are entirely covered with lime plaster. The gable facade features only a walnut door with a decorative effect created by large-headed nails, and an unframed round-arched opening.

The chapel’s interior is lit by two narrow round-arched bays on the east side. The west side features a small stone bench. The rock next to it shelters a spring that is not very active. A small square niche has been cut into the south wall. The floor of the chapel is made of rock and earth; the walls are covered with mural paintings.

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