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Built atop a rocky promontory, the château is at the center of an architectural ensemble: to the south, a building known as “le château neuf”; to the southwest, a cemetery; to the west, the parish church; and to the north, a pond and a farm.

The present château was probably built in the first half of the 17th century (a fireplace bears the date 1659) on the site of a medieval castle by the Seigneur de Glandevès. It was divided up and sold as national property on Frimaire 2, Year III (November 22, 1794). In addition to the dwellings thus created, the building was used as a parish house and presbytery, and later as a teacher’s residence and school (until 1962).
The château has a massed rectangular plan, flanked by two round towers at the northwest and southwest corners, slightly lower than the main building. The château has 5 levels of elevation: a basement level accessible only from the east facade, a raised first floor with access to the west, and two square storeys topped by attic space.
The eastern facade is currently pierced by three bays illuminating the small rooms behind the staircase. Fragments of a watchtower can also be seen in the southeast corner, decorated with gypsum. The south facade features seven non-ordered bays.
The interior is richly decorated with gypseries: they adorn the entire staircase vault and stringboard (where still visible), as well as the landings. They can also be found on the mantelpieces on the second floor.

source: Inventaire général du Patrimoine culturel Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

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