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The shape of the Blieux fountain is similar to that of an 18th-century fountain, but the date of construction is unknown. Despite its simplicity, the presence of such a round fountain, with its central pillar modelled and decorated with a ball, indicates a desire for decoration.

In the square that was once Blieux’s main square, the fountain is a reminder of the days when the village was clustered on this hill. At the beginning of the 19th century, the commune had over 900 inhabitants. The rural exodus of the 1840s led some of the inhabitants to move to the valley, abandoning their perched houses. The small washhouse adjoining the fountain was used for daily needs, but the Riou river below was preferred for large-scale washing. Until the village was connected to the mains water supply in 1977, the fountain remained Blieux’s only source of running water.

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