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The St André church was built at the end of the 12th or the beginning of the 13th century. It was the parish church of Petra Castellana until 1260.

At that time, there were already more people in the village bellow than in Petra Castellana and the inhabitants asked for the parish to be transferred to the St Victor church (located in the ancient centre). The St André church was then gradually abandoned.

The St André church had a single nave and a semi-circular apse. On the south wall in front of you, you can still see the two entrances, a large one and a smaller one, and three windows enclosed by a round arch. These features are similar to those on the front of the St Victor church. On the west wall, there still is an oculus. When the church was built, a particular attention was given to the use of stones of different colours (limestone and sandstone). No part of the roof remains and the church is very damaged.

In 2019, consolidation work on the St André church stabilised the exterior of the building. The arch of the door is now supported by a fitted metal structure. The remains of the south and west walls have been deeply reinforced inside the walls, on their surface and at their top. The inside of the church is very dangerous and it is strictly forbidden to enter it.

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