Lake Allos

The immensity of a mountain lake in the heart of the Mercantour peaks. Immediate effect! The breathtaking panorama of the Alps leaves you breathless. Lac d’Allos is Europe’s largest natural high-altitude lake. Nestled at an altitude of 2,230 metres in a magnificent natural setting, it lies at the heart of one of France’s most prestigious national parks: the Mercantour.

Sentier lac d'allos
Lac naturel le plus haut d'Europe est le Lac d'Allos

A lake of deep colors

Easy access

A superb hike, a total change of scenery and lots of emotions in this little corner of paradise. This easy route is accessible to all on foot only. It follows a well-marked trail with interpretation tables to help you discover the harmony of the mountain. You’ll be captivated by the silence, calm and beauty of this protected site.

Lac d'Allos

Magic in every season

At the end of October, the Alpine atmosphere is extraordinary. The larches are turning golden and the last marmots will soon be sleeping off the winter. But to discover the pristine white Lac d’Allos, we recommend you contact our mountain guides.


Please note that access is possible from mid-June to mid-October, depending on snow and weather conditions. Outside these periods, you visit this site at your own risk.

Did you know?

This glacial lake covers 60 hectares and is up to 50 m deep. Its deep blue color is due to its cold, low-fertility, oxygen-poor water.

How to enjoy Lac d'Allos?

Get there early!

For a cool walk

And enjoy the first light of day, almost alone on the trails.


Watching wild animals!

Take your time, keep a low profile.

Wildlife is everywhere, but it knows how to make itself wanted. Take your time.

Reserve your parking space!

Places are limited.

The Laus parking lot has limited spaces and charges apply in July and August. Find all the information you need in our FAQ – here .

Need information about Lac d'Allos?

Find all the important information in our Frequently Asked Questions dedicated to Lac d’Allos :

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  • Parking
  • Regulations
  • Practice
Ballade au lac d'Allos
Marmotte du lac d'Allos

Mercantour National Park

A fragile natural area to be respected

Here, nature is a jewel.

It offers a diversity of unique, unspoilt and harmonious landscapes. Not to mention the wealth of wildlife to be seen, which will surprise you if you’re discreet. In this magical place, you are nature’s guest.

It is therefore essential to follow National Park regulations.

A landscape of legend and history

The story goes that in the middle of the lake is a stone on which is inscribed the phrase:

“Quouro mi veyras, plouraras.” When you see me, you’ll cry.

A chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary has been built on the shores of the lake, under the name of Notre-Dame des Monts.

Refuge du lac d'Allos

Sleeping at the Lac d'Allos refuge

Why not spend the night in a refuge to contemplate the starry sky as a screen and the towers of the lake that light up at sunrise. You’ll feel like you’ve been away much longer, and your children will feel like little adventurers.

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