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5 reasons to choose the Verdon

The Verdon has plenty to tempt you! Whether it’s its exceptional landscapes, sensational water sports, gourmet cuisine or pretty villages…it’s no wonder it’s one of France’s favourite destinations!

Haut des Gorges

1. For its breathtaking scenery

It’s no secret that the Verdon region, from its source to its gorges, is a veritable wonderland for travelers, with its mountains, lakes, gorges and waterfalls. So many bewitching landscapes to consume without moderation.

Canyoning et Rafting

2. For its outstanding activities

Which destination offers rafting, canyoning, canoeing, paddling, water trekking, hydrospeed, fishing, bungee jumping, paragliding, climbing, via ferrata, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, quad biking, paintball, cycling, mountain biking, off-road scootering … shall we go on?


3. For its Provencal cuisine

The Verdon destination will not leave you hungry; it’s full of recipes and local products, each more delicious than the last.

4. For villages steeped in history

The villages of Annot, Castellane, Colmars-les-Alpes and Entrevaux are all part of the “villages & cités de caractère” label. Each village has not only a remarkable heritage, but also a history to discover.

Gorges du Verdon plus grand canyon d'Europe

5. Because our French travellers are fans!

In June 2020, renowned blogger Bruno Maltor launched a competition on Instagram, the aim of which was to elect the 7 natural wonders of France according to our beloved French travelers.

And out of 64 destinations on the list, it’s no surprise that the Gorges du Verdon came in 2nd place, closely followed by Lac d’Allos in the top 7.

Top things to see

In the Verdon