Lac de Castillon

Navigate almost effortlessly

Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing the waves? With a motorboat, simple, intuitive operation is child’s play. Plus: you won’t need a permit.
On board, you’ll find all the comforts you need to have a great time.
Fly the flag and become a Verdon pirate!

Activités au bord de l'eau
En bateau à moteur

Easy as child's play

Activités nautiques

Saint Julien du Verdon
Lac de Castillon panorama

Explore Lac de Castillon

The sheer size of the lake makes for a magnificent sight. Nestled between the mountains, its reflections on the water are surprising and sumptuous.
Along the way, you’ll discover hidden spots. In this little boat, all you have to do is admire the landscape stretching out before you. Dare to get away from the coast for even more peace and quiet, and maybe take a dip in the deep sea.

Le lac de Castillon

Did you know?

The lake covers an area of around 500 hectares, the equivalent of 714 soccer pitches, and in places is almost 100 metres deep.

Les lacs du Verdon
Le barrage du lac de Castillon

Finding a wild cove

Looking for a place where no one else can go? That’s the advantage of leaving by motorboat. There are many beautiful coves where you can drop anchor for a family picnic, explore the forest and perhaps discover some beautiful waterfalls, before setting off on new adventures.

Les lacs et les cités Vaubans

Story info:

The village of Castillon was swallowed up when the lake was created. When the water level is low, remnants of the village can be seen.

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