Nos stations de montagne

Our mountain resorts

Our three ski resorts, Val d’Allos, Ratery and La Colle-st-Michel, have succeeded in preserving an authentic village environment and spirit.

Ski en famille
Les montagnes en hiver

Family resorts

Combine the joys of the mountains with those of the snow! Sumptuous landscapes, between larches and snow-capped mountains.

The different sites will enable youngsters to start out, older children to “ride” and everyone to come together to discover new pleasures: snowshoeing, sledging or cross-country skiing. Our resorts have everything you need for great winter sports fun with family and friends!

Postcard landscapes

The snow-covered landscapes are enchanting: high peaks covered in a white mantle, fir trees whose branches bend under the weight of fresh snow, and thick carpets covering alpine huts.

Waking up in a chalet, opening the shutters and looking out over the landscape – that’s the Verdon destination too!

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Our ski resorts


In the southern Alps, snow and sunshine were the order of the day. Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tobogganing… an avalanche of activities and surprises await you in the heart of winter.

Val d'Allos

Val d'Allos

The upper Verdon valley is home toone of France’s largest ski areas!
At the headwaters of the Verdon, from 1,500 to 2,600 m above sea level, 230 km of slopes are available for all types of winter sports.
In the heart of the Southern Alps, the Val d’Allos resorts are richly complementary. They combine authenticity and modernity. Here in the
Mercantour National Park
snow and sun flirt with each other to offer you holidays with family and friends to share without moderation.

La sattion de Ratery

Ratery 1700 nordic area

Watch out! Total immersion in a privileged environment! At Ratery, Nordic skiing innovates and offers ever more dynamic activities.

Located 6 km from Colmars-les-Alpes on the Col des Champs, this high-altitude Nordic ski area unfurls its trails under majestic larch trees, giving it an air of Lapland. Thanks to its ubac exposure and altitude ranging from 1,700 m to 1,790 m, the snow is always of excellent quality. Just a few hundred metres from the heart of the
Mercantour National Park
you’re welcomed by unspoilt nature and a panoramic view of the Verdon springs.

La Colle-Saint-Michel

La Colle-Saint-Michel

Certainly one of the most beautiful Nordic sites in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region! Located in Thorame – Haute, 20 kilometers from Colmars-les-Alpes, at the top of a pass and far from any hustle and bustle, the resort culminates at an altitude of between 1,430 m and 1,700 m.

Discover the snow-covered open spaces of La Colle-Saint-Michel! The estate can be enjoyed freely and without moderation. Here you can reconnect with nature, recharge your batteries and enjoy activities for the whole family: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ski touring, tobogganing and fat biking.

Did you know?

To withstand the harsh conditions of altitude in an often hostile mountain environment, plants have developed solid adaptive strategies, and animals have developed treasures of ingenuity to survive….You, our fellow travelers, will only need a jacket, a hat, gloves and your camera!

3 good reasons to discover mountain resorts

For a breath of fresh air!

With a great combination of snow and sunshine, our resorts offer mountain biking, skiing, hiking and other outdoor activities in a natural playground for all seasons. It slides, it wets, it splashes, it goes fast, it flies, it makes you laugh! Give your vacation a new dimension and play the adventurer, with thrills and sensations guaranteed on the horizon.

Getting back to basics!

Enjoy a peaceful, pleasant and authentic village life, ideal for families. If there’s a little corner of nature where it’s good to spend a holiday with your tribe, a little corner of mountain, river or multicolored forest, to find yourself and recharge your batteries, this is it! All-season entertainment for all to enjoy. Activities for the head and legs to enjoy together.

To marvel at!

A privileged gateway to the heart of nature. Camel trails to get away from the vacation highway. Just 2 hours from the Mediterranean coast, what an opportunity to set down in a land steeped in history, between the Verdon lakes and the Mercantour mountains, one of France’s most prestigious national parks with incredible biodiversity! You’re not dreaming. Make the most of it!

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