20180823 Vt Colmars Lignin 12Rivière à Colmars-les-Alpes
©Rivière à Colmars-les-Alpes|Arnaud Brunet Neus
Wild swimming in our rivers

Wild swimming in our rivers

We deliver our favourite places to you, but shhh it’s a secret!

A secret place in Issole

Located upstream of Saint-André-les-Alpes, a river less known than the Verdon, but just as pretty.
The Issole, is a river full of charm and mystery, in a valley full of fields and forests.
Rather calm river surrounded by tall trees perfect for playing in the water.

Nathalie gave us her secret place, it is the Mourefrey Bridge.
Ideal for splashing around with the whole family and spending a summer afternoon relaxing in the heart of nature.


Did you know ?

Our rivers are mountain streams, the water can rise quickly during a thunderstorm upstream.

The rivers for a hike

Many hikes are crossed by sumptuous rivers, the freshness of the water allows you to take a little well-deserved break to appreciate the scenery.

I discover

3 good reasons for swimming in the river

The waterthere is fresher

the river water is cooler, more pleasant for swimming.

The colourtransparent

from green to turquoise blue our rivers offer you magnificent contrasts.

More peaceto be peaceful

The places on the river are less frequented than the lakes or the swimming pools, enough to spend a pleasant moment in peace.

Further information

Be careful of the snakes are present in the rivers, it is better to put shoes in the water and to be vigilant.

Some are prohibited for swimming, do not hesitate to inquire before swimming.

The Associations of Fishing and Protection of Aquatic Environments do a remarkable job and take care of the richness and biodiversity of the smallest of our streams. Trout and other species of fish and invertebrates live and reproduce thanks to the respect we owe them.

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