castellane7565.jpgActivité nautique sur le lac de Castillon
©Activité nautique au lac de Castillon |Philippe Murtas Photographe

Navigate almost effortlessly

Become freshwater sailors on your ship

As easy as pie

Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing on the waves? With a motor boat, simple and intuitive boating will be a breeze. Plus, you won’t need a license.
On board you will find all the necessary comfort to have a pleasant time.
Flaunt the flag and you’ll become a Verdon pirate!

Explore the Castillo Lake.

The size of the lake offers a magnificent sight. Being nestled between the mountains, its reflections on the water are surprising and sumptuous.
Along the way you will discover hidden places. In this small boat, you will only have to admire the landscape that stretches in front of you. Dare to get away from the coast for even more tranquillity and maybe take a bath in the deep waters.

Find a wild creek

Want to land somewhere where no one else can go? That’s the advantage of a motorboat. In many places on the lake, there are beautiful creeks where you can drop the anchor. Ideal for exploring the forest and perhaps discovering beautiful waterfalls. The break can allow you to have a bite with your family, before leaving for new adventures.