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In the southern Alps, the abundant snow and the sun have come together. An avalanche of surprises awaits you in the heart of winter with the joys of skiing, snowmen and fun moments in the powder to share with your family in the freshness of the mountainsIf the Verdon is reputed to be a summer destination, you could come back transformed from a stay in the Verdon covered with its white coat… Put on your mittens and we’ll tell you why.

One of the largest ski areas in France is located in the upper Verdon valley!

At the sources of the Verdon, between 1400 and 2600 m altitude, 230 km of slopes allow the practice of all forms of skiing.
At the heart of the Southern Alps, the 2 resorts of Val d’Allos are rich in their complementarity.
They combine authenticity and modernity.
Here, in the Mercantour National Park, the snow and the sun flirt together to offer you stays with family or friends to share without moderation.

Exceptional Nordic sites with southern accents

Small stations labeled Nordic France, Ratery 1700 in Colmars and Colle Saint Michel allow you to immerse yourself in a wild nature where you can practice skating, skating or snowshoeing in beautiful forests of larch or vast plateaus, which have nothing to envy to Mongolia.
Guaranteed sporting scenery.

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